About Me


I love to read!

I love the feeling of discovering a new author. I love sitting down with a much anticipated book that was finally released. I love words, the turn of phI love to read books for fun!rases, the imagination that drives each story. I love connecting with a character; feeling their happiness and heartbreak as they persevere throughout the story. And of course, I love to read a book with a happily-ever-after.

Like I said, I love to read!

The best feeling is sharing an amazing new book with a friend, and getting them hooked, too! Hence, I created, ‘Jayne Eyre’s Book Reviews’ blog!

What makes my blog unique?brevity-is-the-soul-of-wit1

Typically, I read three to five books a week. Instead of writing in-depth reviews on all of them, I plan on writing shorter, more concise reviews, and highlight some key themes that struck a cord with me.

Some of my earliest memories are visiting the public library, and picking out books to read. Thanks to my e-reader, borrowing books from my local library has never been easier, and it is my primary source of reading material.

In saying that, libraries do have limited budgets, but have thousands of new releases to choose from each week. If I can get the word out to my local library about an outstanding new book or author, then this blog will be a success!


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